4 Digital Trends to Transform Human Services

What does the future of public service

Cold, Cuddle And Coffee (Math) Calculation?

With the temperature waning to as low

Safeguard the potential of the Contingent Workers

We all are aware of the fact


Addressing Security for iPads, iPhones

A national network of cancer hospitals that has relied heavily

VA, DoD discuss steps toward iEHR, VLER

When Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Veterans Affairs Secretary


Privacy and Security Forum Boston 2016: Top 5 takeaways

The HIMSS and Healthcare IT News Privacy & Security Forum took place this week in Boston, and during the three-day event more than 40 speakers took the stage. Topics ranged data

Partners HealthCare CISO reveals the top 5 keys to breach response

Over the course of just a few months, Massachusetts-based Partners HealthCare experienced four separate breaches across its affiliate hospitals. That gave the health system some valuable real-world experience in breach

Limiting the reach, damage of a compromised network

“We’re seeing that bad days happen an awful a lot in a network,” Craig Shue, associate professor of Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Computer Science Department told the HIMSS Privacy and Security

10 outdated security tools that need to be replaced

Healthcare security is in constant flux. While most organizations recognize the need to involve multiple departments in the security discussion, security work was frequently designated to just one or two

IBM Watson takes on cybersecurity with launch of beta initiative that includes healthcare

IBM Security executives today revealed a beta effort it is launching with 40 organizations from wide swathe of industry, healthcare, education, finance and other sectors to test Watson’s capability when

Why is IoT not catching on faster in healthcare?

BOSTON — Healthcare organizations tend to be more pessimistic than other industries about benefits the Internet of Things can bring for them, according to Stephanie Jernigan, assistant professor of in

Barriers to internet use may be preventing women from managing chronic conditions

New research from Oregon State University indicates that barriers to internet use may be preventing chronically ill middle-aged and older women from being as healthy as they could be. The

Saint Francis Hospital scores HIMSS Stage 7 Award

Hartford, Connecticut-based Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center has been achieved Stage 7 on HIMSS’ Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model. Specifically, Saint Francis is being recognized for its work driving

Three women in technology to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Among the 21 artists, writers, scientists, philanthropists and athletes poised to receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama at a White House ceremony on November 22 are

Surgeon General: EHRs, mHealth, evidence-based medicine crucial to fighting addiction

The biggest public health concern in the U.S. is addiction, said Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD, in a massive report released Thursday. In it, he outlines the severity of substance

Horizon Family Medical Group wins HIMSS Davies Award

Orange County, New York-based Horizon Family Medical Group has earned a 2016 HIMSS Ambulatory Davies Award of Excellence. Horizon Family Medical Group, with more than 100 physicians and 40 locations

Intel teams with Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to analyze genomic data

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard will join with Intel Corporation in a $25 million collaboration to help researchers analyze massive amounts of global genetic data, the organizations announced

HIMSS' Trump presidency predictions: No complete ACA repeal, telehealth, cybersecurity

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but also to keep some of its most popular components. So it’s still to be seen just how his

OIG names 2017 goals: Bolstering HHS and NIH data security, tackling EHR challenges

The Office of Inspector General has the National Institute of Health’s security and data control in its crosshairs. Its recently released 2017 agenda highlighted the need to ensure protection and

Medjacking – An Epidemic in Healthcare

By: Manish Rai, Great Bay Software VP of Marketing Here’s another term for your Cybersecurity lexicon: Medjacking – the hijacking of biomedical devices to create backdoors in hospital networks. This is