4 Digital Trends to Transform Human Services

What does the future of public service

Cold, Cuddle And Coffee (Math) Calculation?

With the temperature waning to as low

Safeguard the potential of the Contingent Workers

We all are aware of the fact


Addressing Security for iPads, iPhones

A national network of cancer hospitals that has relied heavily

VA, DoD discuss steps toward iEHR, VLER

When Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Veterans Affairs Secretary


Hillary Clinton hints at plans for abortion, gun control, healthcare issues at DNC

During her speech accepting the Democratic Presidential nomination on Thursday night, Hillary Clinton spoke about some of the pressing healthcare issues she would face if elected in November. Those include

DNC: President Obama, Tim Kaine say Hillary Clinton has real plans

President Barack Obama on Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention said progressive policies can make a positive impact on democracy.  “After a century of trying,” Obama said, “we declared

Silicon Valley bank sees sharp increase in healthcare startup investments coming for next two years

While $7.5 billion went into healthcare startups venture capital investments as of 2010, by 2015 that total spiked to nearly $10.5 billion, according to the Silicon Valley Bank Healthcare Investments

NantHealth, University of Utah partner on genome work to advance precision medicine for common diseases

NantHealth and the University of Utah are working together to analyze the genomic profiles of 1,000 individuals who have a family history of rare and life-threatening diseases and conditions. The

Mergers on the rise as hospitals optimize for value-based care

Hospital mergers and acquisitions rose by 6.1 percent when compared to 2015, Kaurman Hall and Associates said, with 52 transactions during the first half of 2016. That’s up from the

FBI and HHS bust 3 in $1 billion fraud scheme

The United States Department of Justice called it the biggest Medicare fraud case yet. Philip Esformes, 47, Odette Barcha, 49, and Arnaldo Carmouze, 56, all of Miami-Dade County, Florida, were

CMS snags $42 billion in Medicare and Medicaid fraud with predictive analytics

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid reported that it has saved nearly $42 billion in fraudulent and improper Medicare and Medicaid payments. The savings amount to an average of $12.40 for

CMS offers star ratings sneak peek: 102 hospitals will receive 5 stars

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released a breakdown of the upcoming overall hospital star ratings ahead of the highly anticipated facility-by-facility release. Overall, 102 hospitals will earn five

Tracking cancer in real time

California is overhauling the way it collects information for its massive cancer database in the hope of improving how patients are treated for the disease. Pathologists at a dozen hospitals

Doctor devises new database methodology to thwart hackers and end big data breaches

Longtime healthcare and technology veteran William Yasnoff, MD, has created a personal grid tactic for tuning relational databases to make it harder for hackers to steal large sets of medical

OHSU pays $2.7 million fine to HHS Office for Civil Rights for two HIPAA breaches

Oregon Health and Science University said it will pay $2.7 million in fines for two HIPAA data breaches involving protected health information (PHI). In addition to paying the fine to

Ponemon: 79 percent of security professionals lack consistent tools to identify and mitigate cyberthreats

Top executives in charge of cybersecurity at health systems across the country are painfully aware of the costs of unchecked external Internet attacks. Even still, many lack the expertise and

Donald Trump's Vice President pick Mike Pence voted against the ACA then expanded Medicaid in Indiana

Donald Trump’s choice for Vice President running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, has ruffled healthcare feathers in the past. Pence, in fact, holds one distinction unique among humans: he is

As Pokemon Go hits hospitals Mass General and others stop staff from playing

The Pokémon Go ruckus has taken hold in U.S. hospitals and some are already instructing employees not to play the game at work or while on facility grounds. Users playing

#HIT100: Health IT influencers ranked 11-25 arrive

Michael Planchart, widely known on Twitter as @the EHRguy, delivered the next round of #HIT100 list winners to us last night. The 11-25 set encompasses some influencers that typically dominate