Tool Gauges Remote Patient Monitoring Technology’s ROI


The Center for Connected Health and the Center for Technology and Aging have developed in collaboration with the California HealthCare Foundation a tool that gauges the return on investment for technology that remotely monitors heart disease patients, <A href="” target=”_blank”>Healthcare IT News reports.

CHCF publishes iHealthBeat.

Details of Tool

The Web-based tool — which analyzes the ROI of established remote patient monitoring programs and estimates future earnings — aims to demonstrate the economic value of remote patient monitoring.

Several health care organizations enrolled in the CTA Diffusion Grants Program, including California-based physicians group HealthCare Partners, participated in the development and testing of the tool.

The ROI tool showed that HealthCare Partners’ interactive voice response program for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease had a positive ROI of 1.3 to one after one year and likely will increase significantly to 18.9 to one by the fifth year.

The tool can be accessed through CCH’s website or through the CTA ADOPT Toolkit.


Kamal Jethwani — CCH’s corporate manager of research and innovation — explained that the tool “not only assists program managers to evaluate financial ROI, but it also identifies potential program efficiencies.”

Jeremy Rich — director of HealthCare Partners’ CP’s Institute for Applied Research and Education — said, “[T]he ROI Tool allows clinicians, policymakers and health care administrators to accurately examine costs involved to implement and expand [an] RPM program in a variety of care settings” (Miliard, Healthcare IT News, 6/10).